Yonsei University is very competitive for Korean students. You have to be in top 2% of all Korean seniors to be admitted to Yonsei University. Additional Admission Requirements Applicants to VSE courses offered at Yonsei University are required to fulfill the following requirements set by Yonsei University: 1. Their schedule begins in the fall in Tokyo, Japan at Keio University, where their studies are built around Japanese Studies offered at the International Center. Yonsei University offer health services as well as a fitness center and insurance information. Credits earned during the exchange period will be transferred to your academic transcript at Yonsei. Yonsei University's Visiting Student Programs offer opportunities to students who plan to study for a year or a semester in Korea's top university located in the heart of Seoul, the dynamic capital city of Korea. Students can enroll in Korean language classes as well as topical coursework taught in English spanning the humanities, social sciences, and physical sciences. Yonsei University Acceptance Rate. Advantages Yonsei is regarded as South Korea’s top private university. The University makes several provisions for international students including the Global Lounge, a complex that houses the 3500 students from 69 countries. Yonsei University is a large and diverse research university, and there are many different ways that students can begin to explore and experience Seoul from Yonsei’s central location. Today, over 20 per cent of Yonsei’s students are international students. 3 Campus East Asia allows a cohort of students to develop collectively their East Asian expertise across a full academic year calendar. Whether students choose to spend their time relaxing in the Global Lounge with other international students, participating in one of the university’s over 200 campus clubs, or taking weekend trips into the big city, there is something for everyone at Yonsei University. Korean is not required to study at Yonsei. 1. Yonsei University Summer Program Explore the nearby Sinchon district, a mecca for late night shopping and dining, packed with students. Students attend exchange partner universities while paying Yonsei University tuition fees. 25%. Spring 2017 2 1. The university offers a unique student culture—with the highest foreign student enrollment (43%) in Korea. (Please note that it does not apply for exchange students) If you would like to study at Yonsei as a Study Abroad Program at Yonsei, apply directly through Office of International Affairs, Yonsei University A total of 45 credits must be taken from among upper level (Year 3 or 4) courses from Business Administration or other majors. This university boasts 28,000 students, 3,500 faculty members, 18 graduate schools, 22 colleges, and 133 subsidiary institutions. About Yonsei GSIS Yonsei University is a large private research university located in Seoul, South Korea. 12%. Yonsei University is one of the top Private universities in ... Data; Total students - 24,777. Yonsei was founded by Christian missionaries in 1885 and is the oldest private university in Korea. r Students may study for 1 or 2 semesters abroad at universities that maintain a student exchange agreement with Yonsei. About 17 courses (Students may freely choose the courses offered by YSB and Yonsei University.) Yonsei University is one of the oldest and well-known educational institutions in South Korea. Neighbouring Hongdae is the centre of Seoul's indie scene. These requirements include: Completion of the equivalent of a four-year bachelor’s degree This prestigious private university is part of the “SKY” universities (Korean Ivies) which is an acronym for Seoul National University, Korea University, and Yonsei University. 3394. Yonsei University‘s Exchange/Visiting Student Programs offer opportunities to students who plan to study for a year or a semester in Korea’s top university located in the heart of Seoul, the dynamic capital city of Korea.. There are also Korean language courses taught specifically for foreign students. Yonsei University is the oldest private university in Korea and was first established in 1885.Yonsei is a highly ranked, leading institution for higher education and research in Asia. In particular, students are required to have a basic understanding of related fields such as international trade and finance, international security, development cooperation, area studies or Korean studies. Yonsei International Summer School (YISS) invites students to take courses at one of the world's premier universities in the heart of Seoul, Korea. 266. International staff. Most requirements must be met at the time you apply. The International Yonsei Club (IYC) is composed of Yonsei students who are interested in building stronger ties between Korea and the rest of the world.
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