var emailarray8809= new Array(115,116,101,108,108,97,108,117,110,101,64,116,111,109,98,114,97,105,100,101,114,115,46,110,101,116) The current pulls Lara along. The spinning tower now has one slightly raised arm and one that sweeps around at floor level. Move out onto the jutting stone beam between the handle and the stairs and jump to grab the edge of the walkway. You can find the entrance to the Path of Battle Challenge Tomb within the walls of The Hidden City. The blue path has a skill that has not unlocked yet so you will have to do the Path of Battle to get … Then swing and jump onto the wide ledge ahead. Just inside, surface for air if you like. But to get some of Shadow of the Tomb Raider's best skills, it's well worth your time to complete these Challenge Tombs as you come across them.Below, we've put the tombs in an optimal path order. Glacial Tomb only connects to Den of Behemoths. (There's a ledge below on the left, but this is the path back to the exit.) Feel free to copy or print this walkthrough for personal use. Head around the wall to your right from the Plane Wreckage base camp and climb up for the first optional tomb. Copyright © var curDate=new Date(); document.write(curDate.getFullYear()) - Stellalune ( for (i=0;i