Man Behind the Gun is a standard-issue Randolph Scott western elevated by good performances and exciting action sequences. Larry Kudlow should be investigated by the Federal "Special Envoy for Combating Anti-Semitism" for promoting the anti-Semitic trope (which is also a canard, frankly) that Jews are disloyal back-stabbers. The Man Behind the Gun (1953) - IMDb With Randolph Scott, Patrice Wymore, Dick Wesson, Philip Carey. He also finds a town and sheriff afraid of their own shadow, scared of a landowner they never see who rules through his rowdy sidekicks. It has good colour, a couple of breezy leads, some obviously staged fights and a story that seemed as vague as everybody in the film was about Randolph Scott's identity. Premiered on November 7, 2020, with 'Jonnetta Patton', it is set to come back for episode 6 end of January. . When a notorious tough 'town tamer' is hired by the citizenry to rid of the gunmen driving them off their land, he finds the local saloon madam to be an old friend. Let's take a peek behind the scenes of this most iconic of American Westerns. When two US cavalrymen transporting a gold shipment get killed, US Army Intelligence investigator John Haven goes undercover to a mining and logging town to find the killers. Jeremy Perkins {J-26}. Adventure, Certificate: Passed The Official Star Trek Website and gateway to the final frontier The plot involves manipulation of the water supply to L.A. with a corrupt politician trying to take control of it. Scott is his usual coxcomb, cool self. This exciting picture tells the story of an upright officer , Randolph Scott , who gives a perfect acting in his usual stoic style . The Invisible Man Critics Consensus. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. For three seasons, audiences laughed along as the castaways attempted to get off the fateful island. Man with the Gun As he gradually gains trust the townsfolks to uncover their plans and reveal the dark objectives ; then he discovers a hidden cache of rifles . Latest Film news, comment and analysis from the Guardian, the world's leading liberal voice Title: The film also looks into the nature of violence in the United States. But in real life, Michael Oher didn’t have a fiery Sandra Bullock teaching everything he needed to … Directed by Orson Welles protege Richard Wilson, it is a stark, monochrome beauty, full of chilling silhouettes and terrifying outbursts of savage violence, as Mitchum comes to tame a town terrorised by a monopolist with a private army. Each title listed on IMDb has many similar titles. Salah satu pepatah Inggris yang sangat popular adalah, "the man behind the gun" yang arti literalnya "orang yang berada di belakang senjata". A critical and commercia He is an infamous crime lord and the arch-nemesis of Spider-Man/Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Gun x Sword Van, a lanky and apathetic swordsman, is on a journey to kill the murderer of his fiancé. Oh well, the Techincolor is quite nice. The script by John Twist has giant plot holes & is very clunky and Felix Feist's direction is alternately pedestrian and sloppy. All it does is make you appreciate the gritty Scott/Boetticher films all the more. Otherwise, a very typical sort of formula. What is incredible is that Randy made his excellent western "Hangman's Knot" one year before and had so many great westerns ahead of him, specially with Boetticher. on Harleys with a few drunken co-stars, clubbing any guys within reach of their hogs who seemed "Gay" to them. Why? Unemployed cowhand Jim Garry is hired by his dishonest friend Tate Riling as muscle in a dispute between homesteaders and cattleman John Lufton. Oct 29, 2018 - Randolph Scott and Anthony Caruso in The Man Behind the Gun (1953) Directed by Richard Wilson. Hey I liked this flick more than I would have thought given it's from Scott's earlier block of films. After the Civil War, a highly decorated Shoshone Indian veteran plans to raise cattle in Wyoming but white farmers plan to grab fertile tribal lands by pitting the whites against the Indians. . 44 images of the Gun X Sword cast of characters. However, it could have used a better descriptive title. Randolph Scott plays an undercover government agent investigating some Confederate sympathizers who want California to secede and become a rebel state. Routine western offers nothing original. Randy is an army deserter (or is he?--not terribly original plot point but workable)involved with separatist gun runners out to control the water supply & thereby the whole of Southern California. However, I must also admit that for every exceptional film his made (such as "Ride the High Country") he made several that were not so special--and perhaps a few that were simply adequate. This is where the deserter is identified as Major Callicut; a man wanted for killing a fellow officer in a duel. . In full color, you can see the splendor of her costumes from the black & white years. by DALE K. MYERS For nearly a month now, a small group of conspiracy theorists have been cluttering up two assassination forums with a discussion over the merits of eyewitness Lee Bowers, Jr.’s alleged testimony that he saw two men standing behind the stockade fence atop the grassy knoll, the long suspect source of the fatal shot – according to conspiracy buffs. Shortly afterwards the senator is shot and killed by the leader of the secessionists. Randolph Scott is Major Ransome Callicut, who goes undercover as a school teacher in 1850s California to hopefully thwart separatist plotting as secessionist fervour starts to boil over. Because Scott had a nice style--easy-going and likable yet tough. When Sam gets ahold of a gun, he sets off on a crime spree that endangers not only his life, but also his sister’s future in the force. OK, but strictly standard handling of good premise, Dull, routine western had Scott stopping Confederate sympathizers. The actor who plays a California senator here, Roy Roberts, plays L.A.'s mayor in CHINATOWN. However, official sources have revealed that the producers of the Bond series wanted it to follow You Only Live Twice.. What got in the way, however, was that the desired filming location, Cambodia, was suffering from some political … At best adequate. THE MAN BEHIND THE GUN (listed as 1952 in Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide) is a Warner Bros. western starring Randolph Scott and set in Los Angeles, California in the early 1850s. The script is okay, the pace is fast and it has a large, colorful cast. A group of treasure hunters search for a wagon load of gold, buried years before in Death Valley. A stranger comes to town looking for his estranged wife. Supposed killer and Army deserter Randolph Scott heads to Los Angeles sometime before the Civil War. I am a big fan of Randolph Scott and try to watch as many of his films as I can. However, official sources have revealed that the producers of the Bond series wanted it to follow You Only Live Twice.. What got in the way, however, was that the desired filming location, Cambodia, was suffering from some political … What to Watch FAQ See more A nice Western with frantic action , intrigues , thrills , fights , crossfire , suspense , wonderful outdoors , all of them keep things lively . Wilson Fisk, also better known as the Kingpin, is the main antagonist of Sony Pictures Animation's 23rd feature filmSpider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Known for voicing Kirito / Kazuto Kirigaya, Rin Okumura, and Eren Jaeger. I had to start this movie over twice because I realized I'd stopped paying attention, which should tell you something about the quality of storytelling here. 'Man with the gun' is one of his best. Photos of the Gun X Sword (Show) voice actors. This undemanding western in which a counterespionage agent attempts to discover who's behind a Southern conspiracy , as it is plenty of suspense as the dreaded final attack . On top of that it's delivered in Technicolor by some of Warners' most assured technicians, complete with stock shots from the Flynn movies and snatches of earlier Warner scores. He also finds a town and sheriff afraid of their own shadow, scared of a landowner they never see who rules through his rowdy sidekicks. Everyone’s favorite, the M2 Browning machine gun entered service in 1933 and fires the large .50 caliber Browning Machine Gun (BMG) round. Always prophetic, Warner Bros. uses THE MAN BEHIND THE GUN to warn America that this flick's wanton mayhem was happening in Real Life in the 1950s, and would pop up again in the 2010s. Robert Cabal, born on April 7, 1917 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, was an American actor. An unlikely friendship evolves over one wild night in LA between a struggling journalist and actor Hervé Villechaize, the world's most famous gun-tothing dwarf, resulting in life-changing consequences for both With Robert Mitchum, Jan Sterling, Karen Sharpe, Henry Hull. THE MAN BEHIND THE GUN just another run-of-the-mill Western. Image: The Everett Collection. Lina Myway per favor. Romancing two lovely ladies (a first?) About Considering how dull this film was in spots and how similar it was to several of his other films, I'd put "The Man Behind the Gun" in this last category. An Easy-Going Gent with Deadly Guns...and a Reputation to Match! Larry Kudlow should be investigated by the Federal "Special Envoy for Combating Anti-Semitism" for promoting the anti-Semitic trope (which is also a canard, frankly) that Jews are disloyal back-stabbers. Scott had previously been jailed three times because of the child support payments. Amanda Blake reads a letter, perhaps a piece of fan mail. Vigorous Randolph Scott western with unusual setting, Randolph Scott Western containing noisy action , shootouts , a climatic confrontation on the final , twists and turns. At the top of the list is another design from John Browning. He finds her running the local girls. Blaise Starrett is a rancher at odds with homesteaders when outlaws hold up the small town. The Man Behind the Gun; Directed by: Felix Feist: Produced by: Robert Sisk: Screenplay by: John Twist: Story by: Robert Buckner: Starring: Randolph Scott Patrice Wymore Dick Wesson: Music by: David Buttolph: Cinematography: Bert Glennon: Edited by: Owen Marks He's going undercover in southern California just before the Civil War to prevent a secessionist plot from taking California out of the union or at a very least splitting off southern California as a separate state for the southern Confederacy to be. Certificate: Passed The outlaws are held in check only by their notorious leader, but he is diagnosed with a fatal wound and the town is a powder keg waiting to blow. Mitchum's brilliant, idiosyncratic, usually undervalued Westerns import his film noir persona to etch some compellingly dark character sketches, and bring an elegiac world-weariness more familiar from the films of Sam Peckinpah. In contrast to most reviewers, I found this one of the most interesting Randolph Scott westerns I have seen. (No sightings of woolly mammoths, though.) In addition, there's just too much singing in this film. With William Paul Brown, Ivan Red Wolverton. After the murder of his fiancée, a Wyoming ranch hand sets out to find her killer. Titles depicted in images may not currently be available on IMDb TV. The stranger is a town tamer by trade, and he accepts a $500 commission to sort things out. All the things that made the Scott movies the most agreeable matine fare are present - an opening shoot out in foggy San Francisco streets, a stage hold up, historical plotting about stealing the L.A. water supply (well before CHINATOWN), false identity, opening an empty grave and hard riding and shoot outs in the great out of doors. The Man Behind the Gun. To me, it's like the writers were beating a dead horse and needed some originality. Written by They provided comic relief not usually present in a RS flick. Given its reliability and impressive versatility, this machine gun embodies the expression, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” A stranger comes to town looking for his estranged wife. The whole thing has a canned, fake, soundstage feel to it, with truly awful rear-screen projection. Chadwick Boseman’s tragic death at the age of 43 shocked the world on August 28, 2020. Seemingly, for a good part studio-bound, this bright little western is OK, as they go. The True Story Behind The Irishman Character Jimmy ... (In some scenes, Pacino is playing Hoffa while the man was in his forties.) Detailed plot synopses, review commentary and film reference material are just some of the features available on the site. Aided by his underlings : Monk Walker (Dick Wesson) and Olaf Swenson (Alan Hale Jr) he fights political assassination and other adventures to unmask the ringleader of the plot and keep the Golden State in the Union . Anyway, the first half sets up a decent premise and is pretty entertaining but once a certain cat is out of the bag so to speak it devolves into a very standard a rather dull outing for Randy. The final episode of Gilligan’s Island premiered on April 17, 1967, and it has remained in syndication for decades. The Man Behind the Gun (1953) Movie, Subtitles, Reviews on The Southern California setting enables the script to name-check landmarks in the area: San Pedro, Santa Monica and the LaBrea Tar Pits—which two characters visit at one point. is an award-winning website for classic film buffs, students, moviegoers and anyone else interested in the great movies of the last century. William Talman played the frustrated District Attorney Hamilton Burger in the original 1957-65 The bandit tries to rob the stage but fails and is handed over to the local army captain in Los Angeles. Thriller. ), Names (actors, writers, film crew, celebrities etc.) Posing as a schoolteacher who can't shoot straight, he gets knee-deep in some intrigue involving a group of separatists, the assassination of a US senator, and their attempts to split California into free and slave states. The powerful women speak of their upbringing, relationships, careers, sacrifices, and life with the "most accomplished and recognizable men". Gerald Vincent Bull (March 9, 1928 – March 22, 1990) was a Canadian engineer who developed long-range artillery.He moved from project to project in his quest to economically launch a satellite using a huge artillery piece, to which end he designed the Project Babylon "supergun" for the Iraqi government.. Bull was assassinated outside his apartment in Brussels, Belgium in March 1990. Man with the Gun (1955) Full Cast & Crew. This FAQ is empty. View 198 images and 20 sounds of Bryce Papenbrook's characters from his voice acting career. Mitchum's regression from soft-spoken stranger to deranged murderer, with a host of dark emotions in between, is a marvel of expressive, physical acting. Bilingual drama in English and Welsh with subtitles. From the producers of The Fall comes this award-winning Welsh drama about ambitious police officer Gina Jenkins (Catrin Stewart, Stella) and her troubled brother, Sam (Jacob Ifan, Cuffs). (1955). I've seen plenty of thoroughly enjoyable "soundstage productions" before, but this is not one of them.

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