Story. YES, EPISODES 200 AND 201 WILL BE ON DVD. Reviewed in the United States on August 12, 2016. It is usually possible when it comes on DVD but it will be come down with what Comedy critical decides on. Meanwhile, Cartman may finally … Please try again. Anyone with any ounce of human decency will find this widely offensive, crude, very rude and just stupid comedy. It didn't quite have the depth to hold itself together as a movie, but is admirable for its artwork and fusion of animation styles. That is wrong and thats why I now own these episodes, Reviewed in the United States on July 25, 2018, Reviewed in the United States on November 11, 2020, Reviewed in the United States on March 10, 2020, South Park is one of my most favorite shows! They depicted pedophilia as a standard Catholic practice with the Church secretly condoning sex with boys. Petition details. In 2005 Islamists threatened violence against a Danish newspaper and Danes in general for depicting the Muslim prophet in a series of cartoons. As already known since April, the episodes "200" and "201" were included on both the US DVD and Blu-Ray of the season 14 box of South Park. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 27, 2014. However, HBO Max will not stream other controversial episodes of South Park. Since then, everyone has been asking whether or not these episodes would be on the South Park Season 14 DVD and Blu-ray box set. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Executive Committee Appointees Announced 14th Honors Call for Entries Rules Changes for 2021 Emmy Competition Search. Although it brings up another question; will they all be uncensored? When playing the episode, prior to the theme playing, a text card appears saying: 'The following episode appears as it originally aired on April 21, 2010. Near the end of this series is a three-parter which, ahem, looks like yet another attempt at the team trying to make a feature length episode perhaps for cinema release. Look at the cover for season 14. As the celebrities and the gingers battle over who gets possession of Mohammed, the Super Best Friends come to Mohammed's rescue. Irritated that they could show Jesus and other religious icons, the inability to display Muhammad becomes a focal point of the episode. Relive the dawn of the South Park era, with legendary episodes of the groundbreaking, Emmy® Award-winning animated classic. Yep, we finally know that. So in general, some Muslin groups have threaten both Parker and Stone (South Park creators) and Comedy Central for showing the image of Muhammad . My reviews for every season I have purchased from Amazon will be the same. There's a problem loading this menu right now. However, in January 2014, a 4chan user noticed that the completely uncensored "201" episode was actually available on the South Park Studios servers, although inaccessible, and was able to be downloaded in high definition using rtmpdump. This is the uncensored speech from episode '201'All rights go to 'South Park Studios'Speech Transcript;Kyle: "You see, I learned something today. Episodes "200" and "201" revolve around past South Park episodes, storylines, and controversies, with Trey Parker and Matt Stone pushing the boundaries of censorship, especially in the case of Muhammad. Turns out the censorship wasn't a joke by the studio...Visit our site for more - Which was just awesome cause I only watched them when they premiered. Over the years, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have mocked Catholicism, Mormonism and Scientology. This is disgusting, especially as it is advertised as the complete series. Directed by Trey Parker. In all reality I wont watch it much because the streaming is so easy, but I dont want to one day lose the opportunity to own or see them due to censorship. See why other supporters are signing, why this petition is important to them, and share your reason for signing (this will mean a lot to the starter of … In the most recent entry of banned TV shows, are any of us really surprised that South Park is on this list? [93] '200' along with the thirteen other episodes from South Park 's fourteenth season, was released on a three-disc DVD set and two-disc Blu-ray set in the United States on April 26, 2011. Please try again. The show grew out of a short film that Trey Parker and Matt Stone created called The Spirit of Christmas, and has become an award-winning show that is a unique blend of humor and satire. South Park is an animated series featuring four boys who live in the Colorado town of South Park, which is beset by frequent odd occurrences. The fourteenth season of South Park was released April 26, 2011 to DVD and Blu-ray, including the episode '201'. The 200 and 201 episodes are there on the Blu-ray set. When playing the episode, prior to the theme playing, a text card appears saying: "The following episode appears as it originally aired on April 21, 2010. As other reviews have covered, this box set does not contain the episodes "200" and "201", two of the best episodes ever written. When playing the episode, prior to the theme playing, a text card appears saying: 'The following episode appears as it originally aired on April 21, 2010. But it’s the only place (other than dvd) … They would later go on to have a Smash Broadway hit with their musical, The Book of Mormon. News; twitter; More about South Park at: Shows nominations . For those offended, I offer a solution you might want to try: don't watch the show. Videos. Oh well, maybe the person writing the information on the site didn't think to mention it, because he/she assumed it was obvious. I bought this so I could see 200 and 201. If there are any updates to this news, it will be covered on the South Park Archives shortly. They are, but I believe they're only on the Region 1 DVD, so if you're not in the U.S. or Canada, you'll have to buy the Region 1 DVD online in order to get those episodes. Stands head and shoulders above its "adult theme animated series" rivals (you know what those are). South Park Episode 200 And 201 Torrent 8/17/2017 Feb 6, 2014 - South Park episode 201 finally leaked. On the DVD release of this episode, the speeches from Kyle, Jesus, and Santa is bleeped out completely. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. It was uncensored (and can be found in tact on the DVD). Or maybe the DVD's censorship hasn't yet been decided.

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